Our Strategy 

We focus all of our systems, people and resources on one thing: YOUR SUCCESS!

AccessCare, located in Livingston, New Jersey and conceived in 1995 is the brain child of individuals who at the time had 25 years of insurance marketing experience and envisioned the need to educate the public and create a resource for advisors interested in long term care planning.

The stated mission was to focus on the issues associated with Long Term Care needs and the consequences and perils for the individuals and families of such persons. Since long term care planning and insurance is our exclusive interest we do not compete with regard to any other topic or product.

At the same time, and as Long Term Care Insurance was establishing a place among other life-style insurance products, it was apparent that salespeople and allied professionals (accountants, lawyers, financial planners) would surely need education and sales training in order to properly and effectively advise their clients and prospects.

Since 1995, AccessCare has trained and worked to develop skilled and dedicated sales organizations and individuals and consistently ranks as a top marketing organization in this challenging field.

We welcome all inquires from those men and women who believe in the importance of presenting factual data and offering compassionate advice to a public that sorely needs to listen to the wisdom of preparing for the future.